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Diamond Rings Sighting
July 17, 2010, 1:50 pm
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An adorable pop star is never so big as when he stoops to help a short woman in big glasses. Went to see Diamond Rings at fucking Glasslands last night and he was AWESOME. Life affirming, inspirational, surfing the edge between playing rockstar in your bedroom and actually being one. He switched back and forth between keyboards and guitar which was exciting and his voice sounded exactly like on the record but with the rawness of his guitar it was absolutely beautiful. Tiny awkward ‘this is art’ moments punctuated the whole thing and as you can tell he was totally sweet to his many fans and even posed for a picture with me. I hear there is a 40 dollar bus from NYC to Toronto which is awesome since I am planning to camp outside the Diamond Rings HQ and wait for the new album.

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