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The Contest Continues
May 14, 2010, 1:35 pm
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I was on my way home from a lecture about the History of Suffrage in NYC (did you know there was a suffragette deli on 96th and Broadway whose profits went to the movement?) and these two super cool looking guys were on the train with the cutest dog in the world peeking out of this linen bag and I am using all my willpower not to run over and grab that dog and start saying things to it in a fucked up cutey voice while nuzzling him and I feel bad for staring and then they get up to get off the train and they come over to me and one of ’em is like “I designed a tee shirt for your contest!” It was really crazy cuz I was just telling my friend (who just got off the train the stop before) how good it feels that people remember the Julie Ruin record and care enough to help me out with this contest. I really didn’t know more than like 50 people had even heard it and am so thankful to everyone who has participated. Turns out the beautiful guy on the train designed one of my favorites, I won’t say which, but it is hand drawn. Anyways there are still 2 weeks left if you want to enter, details are below!

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